Hi, Everybody

On July 5th, Mariette and I are relocating to Sweden to be closer to Mariette’s family. We have spent seven years here in the Bay Area with my family and it is time to spend more time with hers.

We thought it would be interesting to document our experiences in adjusting to a new country, a new social system and new weather patterns. Swedes have a saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Probably not as interesting as moving to Somalia, say, but it will be a major change nevertheless.

The plan at the moment is to document our lives for the next year as a way of keeping in touch with people back home and to compare the U.S. with Sweden in a number of ways.

Right now, the days where we will be living are about 18 hours long. Six months from now . . .well, we shall see.

The biggest holiday of the year in Sweden is Midsommar, which occurs on the Friday nearest the summer solstice (I think). This year it fell on June 24, and while we were not yet there, we did celebrate the day by getting married. So, from here on out, our anniversary will fall on the holiday.

Tomorrow we fly close to the North Pole (well, Greenland, anyway) to Reykjavik and then on to Copenhagen.

We will be in touch! So long for now.


16 thoughts on “Hi, Everybody

  1. dk, mariette! fabulous! let me be the first to enter something in your blog… you’re probably flying over Reykjavik as I write this! First of all, Congratulations! nice photos of your two.

    We miss you already.

    Can’t wait on your take of your first real winter, Dan!


  2. Dear Dan and Mariette,

    Many congratulations on your marriage!

    Very best wishes for your Swedish Adventure!

    I wish you much joy in both.

    And will look forward to hearing your news.
    Ken U

  3. Hey Dan and Mariette – I’ve bookmarked the blog and I’ll be following your adventures. All the best in your new life and I look forward to visiting!


  4. Hey Dan & Mariette,
    I cannot tell you how happy Hiro and I are that the two of you have wed and are on your way to a new adventure! Sorry to not have had the pleasure of your presence at our Indie celebration. Please put the 2012 celebration on your calendar!
    We send love & kisses to you and your Swedish family and are postulating coming out to visit you in the near future!
    Love, Shannon & Hiro

  5. Great start to a new adventure!
    We really missed you guys at the Indie bash but knew you guys were with us in spirit, if not to quaff the libations and consume the Texas bounty.

  6. Hi Dan and Mariette,
    I was thinking about both of you on the 5th of July — remembering that you were flying out and heading for a new life in Sweden! I was sad that I did not get to see you before you went — however Jim and I have already decided we will work out how to come and see you — so stay tuned! Lots of love to you both! Love your blog and also the photos!

  7. Dan and Marriette,

    Welcome home to Sweden, love reading your “DR’s”, and the little nit picky observations of life over there. Fantastic country. Let us know if Mariette has some good Swedish cooking recipes. Mike

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