Day One

After some heartfelt good-byes to dear friends and family members, and some random phone calls to burn up our remaining cell phone minutes, we had incredibly smooth flights to Seattle, Reykjavik and Copenhagen today.

Just a few photos here of the otherworldly landscape at the eastern seacoast of the inappropriately named Greenland. These jagged mountain peaks stick out of the snow and water and were quite a sight the first time we saw them several years ago. Picking the name Greenland for this sheet of ice was certainly the greatest marketing coup of the Middle Ages.

It never got dark the entire day.


3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Best of luck to you. I think that’s a splendid move, even if family were not a reason to do it. Will be interested to read what you discover.

  2. I wanted to comment for the pictures of Greenland, they are outstanding, did you took those from the plane? By the way the picture of Olle looks to be in great shape. I send best wishes and good health to him and Ella.


    • Hi, Mom, Great.Glad you are enjoying the blog. I will be able to get more photos up tomorrow after we move and I have my other computer set up. I can’t figure out how to get photos posted easily on this computer. Oh, well, I will catch up the backlog over the next day or two. We move into our house tomorrow. I will pass on your greeting to Olle and Ella. They are doing great and we are having a good time with them. I am showing them music videos on YouTube which they love. Jazz and Beethoven. I think Olle will become a big fan of YouTube because he can get videos of any music he wants. Thanks for writing. Hope all is well at your end. Love, Dan (and Mariette)

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