Day 5 — Moving Day

Today was one of those days that made us want to move here. The water temperature was 21 C., which is around 70 F, one degree warmer than the air temperature. A recent survey of Swedes’ vacation preferences showed that 83% (or some huge majority) wanted to spend their vacations in Sweden and preferably in a cottage on the west coast.

Speaking of which, we moved into just such a cottage today. Of course, still no photos until we get the internet hooked up and my Mac up and running. But trust me, it is a gorgeous location. (I realize there is a large backlog developing of missing photos to catch up.)

No need to bore anyone with the details of moving stuff from Mariette’s parents’ garage. Tomorrow is more of the same–renting a van to pick up the stuff we need to fully furnish the place and a big trip to the market to fill the empty larder.


One thought on “Day 5 — Moving Day

  1. Hi Dan,

    I sent you a welcome last week. Wow, it all looks good.Am so happy for you and this blog is fantastic. See my hush mail to you, things are a changing here in the West.

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