Day 7

Geez, a week already? Seems like only yesterday I was promising to get some photos up to document some of our adventures. Hopefully that will be rectified for good tomorrow. In the meantime, today was much like yesterday except the weather was cloudier. Still, though, had some time to catch some rays around dinnertime.

We spent the day getting a lot of stuff we need for our house: a sofa, rugs, soap, all the stuff one needs to have a running household. Over the course of the past few days we have interacted with clerks at a variety of stores. One observation I can make is that generally, the clerks in stores here speak better English than the clerks do in America. One woman we talke with today had literally a perfect English accent. I was convinced she was English until she told me, no, she is Swedish. Incredible.

Students here begin English classes in 3rd Grade and continue through high school. Plus, Swedish television plays a lot of American tv shows and these are not overdubbed but subtitled. Then you have a lot of American songs playing on the pop music stations. So, pretty much everybody you run into under the age of  75 speaks English.

Mariette had another job interview as a substitute teacher for two of the Montessori schooles here in Halmstad. That went extremely well and she will begin work in August when the new school year begins.

We will have a surprise tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 7

  1. Hi Dan – Love the blog & isn’t it wonderful that at “our” age, one seems to start life anew in a new country? Fantastic storms here – temperature usually in the 28-31 range, hot & humid which leads to the fabulous storms and brilliant days after. Have taken so many fabulous photos, but somehow so many seem almost too personal to share on FB. Not sure what that is all about, but maybe you will experience the same thing. Best wishes.

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