Day 8 — A New Addition to the Household

The big events today were 1) a desk for me and 2) a dog for Mariette. Mariette has been lapping up every episode of “The Dog Whisperer” she could find for the past several months in anticipation of picking up Bianca, a Danish-Swedish farm dog, not well known in America but popular in Scandinavia. She is a little like a Jack Russell but not so hyper. Where we live is perfect for a dog and Mariette did her research until she found precisely what she wanted. The previous owner breeds dogs but just had a baby and decided to sell this one. She is purebred and has more papers than I do but also has a better pedigree. (Mom, no offense intended.) She has won a couple of shows even as a one and two year old.

Here are a couple photos of her plus a bunch of other shots relating to earlier posts when I could not figure out how to upload photos:

This is the beach about 200 meters from Mariette’s parents’ house.

The not-very-good-quality photo above shows the path that runs along the coastline from town harbor at the right to the beach at Tylösand on the left. The water was over 70 F. the other day. Thank God for the Gulf Stream.

At the center of the city square is “Europa and the Bull” by famous Swedish sculptor Carl Milles.

Here’s another view with the big church in the background. The church has one of the largest organs in Europe and top organists come here just to get their hands on it.

Speaking of sculptors, some guy who met Picasso talked to him about doing a sculpture for Halmstad. Picasso drew it up on a napkin and had his fabricator build it. The city paid for the fabrication. Picasso generously donated his genius.

This is Norre Port, North Port, a remnant of the fortifications from the days when Denmark and Sweden duked it out for control of Halmstad. The largest battle of the Viking era occurred here at Halmstad around 1300 and something. The Danes got their butts kicked and Halmstad has been Swedish since. (The last war Sweden was involved in was more than 200 years ago.)

This is the swim stadium close to where Mariette grew up. Nine lanes, heated, salt water. By swimming in a counter clockwise direction, scores of people can use the pool for exercise. The lanes nearest you are for families and kids for playing and the center roped off lanes are for the local swimming team. There are two smaller pools for kids in the background complete with water slide.

This is the beginning of the graduation ceremony for all the local kids completing their swimming classes. I have yet to meet anyone here who cannot swim.

This is the main city library jutting out into the river that bisects the city.

That is about it for today. Tomorrow it is going to rain.


3 thoughts on “Day 8 — A New Addition to the Household

  1. Pooch looks great. Probably a great swimmer as well. Love the library on the river. Great photos and descriptions of each. Keep em coming.
    Love, Peace and Axel Grease.

    • Toby could teach her a thing or two about food, however. The previous owner said that she would not eat for a while as she acclimates to her new life. But she is pooping so she must be eating something. She is a very sweet, obedient dog, that’s for sure.

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