Day 9 — In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

In Sweden, it is a LOT of rain, not metaphorical rain, the real stuff and it has been falling since about 10 this morning. Which made it a good day to do a few errands and visit with Mariette’s brother and his sambo, the Swedish term for a domestic partner. “Sam” means “together” and “bo” means “live.” A person’s sambo is the person they live with. Anyhow, they came over and we had “fika” this afternoon. Fika is an indispensable part of Swedish existence. It is a coffee and pastry break in the afternoon usually in company of one kind or another, making it social event and caffeine fix. Swedes are the second biggest coffee drinkers in the world next to the Finns.

Scandinavians probably need pleasant diversions like fika to draw their attention away from the gas prices. Right now they are around $8 – 9 a gallon. A lot of that is taxes that fund various programs. Still, 9 bucks would make anyone reconsider how much they need their fossil fuel mixmaster SUV and you don’t see many of them on the roads. There IS a fascination with 50s vintage American cars, particularly old Cadillacs and you do see them around, nicely restored. I think Sweden is where old GM cars go to be reborn.

Mariette has been cooking up some superb Swedish meals, heavy on the smoked salmon and crayfish purchased from the tiny fish shack about a quarter mile from our house. You can’t get fish any fresher than that. Served with new potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, everything grown locally, and washed down with Tre Kronor (Three Hearts) beer brewed right here in Halmstad, Mariette’s indoctrination program is working splendidly.

Tomorrow it rains some more and then tapers off sometime next week into a heat wave. Of course, Swedes consider anything above 80 a heat wave. Not many have been to Houston evidently


One thought on “Day 9 — In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

  1. So that is where my old Cadillac was reincarnated to “The re-birthing program for GM autos” Good stuff. Smoked Salmon and crayfish yum yum yum.
    Happy Everything,
    Bear Brown

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