Day 10 — !

I envy the trampoline company sales rep who has Sweden as his or her territory. Every third house, it seems, has a trampoline in the yard and today we joined that demographic. Yippee!


7 thoughts on “Day 10 — !

  1. Well Dan, you too Mariette, I just read the first 10 days. Very enjoyable and exciting. It’s rekindling all my feelings from our trip, which seem like last century but in fact,was only a few years ago. Olle looks fantastic and hasn’t changed a bit, in appearance, although I’m sure he’s wiser and his art more impinging. Is Ella avoiding the camera and forcing you to get sneaky if you want a picture of her? Really like this blog and from now on It’s my homepage. Keep having fun and keep telling us about it!

  2. Great blog, Dan! Both fun and very educational. And thanks for all the photographs you are including here! I am catching up it all now. Olga’s son just arrived yesterday. We were busy preparing for his arrival.

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