Day 11 – Almost There

We got the last few things we need to be set up: a printer, some speakers, a blender and some dog treats.

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches from May 1 to Sept. 15, except for one large beach right where the river enters the harbor. (I mentioned that Halmstad is bisected by a river, I think.) At any rate, we took the dog there this morning to check it out. She loved it. There was only one other dog owner on the beach and we began talking as dog owners inevitably will. The guy and his Jack Russell left and shortly after so did we but a minute later the guy came back and asked Mariette who she was. He had a vague impression of having met her about 30 years ago and had been told about Mariette by his and Mariette’s mutual friend, Ackie Kempff. The guy was a musician and artist and he and Ackie play music together and every time Ackie comes to Halmstad she absolutely must visit this old friend. What are the odds, I wonder that Ackie’s two best friends (Mariette and Ackie have been thick as thieves since high school) would run into one another on an otherwise deserted beach on a Saturday morning? Ackie and her family live about 700 km. north in Sweden’s ski area and has not lived in Halmstad for many years.

Ackie and her two sisters were the nucleus of an all-girl cover band in the 90s called Stig Malms Septet. There are a bunch of videos of the band on You Tube. The bass player, Mia Kempff is particularly impressive as a performer, I think. Ackie is the organ player with a cast on her hand.

Other than that one in a gazillion coincidence, it was a slow news day. Except for a picture of tomorrow’s dessert: wild blueberries picked courtesy of Mariette. With some cream, this is a dessert that is hard to beat. I might have said that about the raspberries from last week. Berries abound here in the summer. It is blueberries and raspberries now and blackberries in August.

There are probably enough antioxidants there to raise the dead.



3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Almost There

  1. Hey! I wasn’t sure that you actually got here. Nice blog, indeed. That’s a nice bowl of berries. I’m on vacation for the moment and we pick those blueberries outside of our cabin every morning for breakfast. I see it as a luxuary part of life.

  2. You sure do conjure up the the images and the memories. Ever think of being a writer?
    Love your blog but I can’t find Mariette’s blog.

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