Day 14 — Photos from Around the Neighborhood

Today was a great day for a vacation. So we took one. Nice workout in the morning, bike ride into town for errands and Mariette’s parents over for “fika” in the afternoon. Fika is coffee and pastries of some kind and it is a Swedish institution. Swedes are the world’s second-biggest coffee drinkers behind only the Finns and fika is probably a huge contributing factor.

Today’s post is mainly shots of our little house and surrounds.

Our little red house in the morning sun.

On the left is the woodshed and sauna; on the right is the guest cottage.

Shot from the far corner of the yard. It took more than an hour and a half to mow the lawn the other day.

The little local fish market.

Prins Bertils Stig, the trail that runs from the castle downtown for 16 km (10 miles) along the coast to Tylösand beach and winds back into the forest.

The coastline in Scandinavia is rocky for the most part but Sweden has some nice beaches and Norwegians come here to enjoy them just as Swedes go to Norway for the fjords.

These are some senior citizens who go swimming at the Handikappbadet (bathing place for handicapped people) each morning around 7:00  am.

At the right end of the railing is a ramp that can be used to roll wheelchairs down into the sea. The rocks in the distance is what I think is a spontaneous nude sunbathing spot. Scandinavians are pretty relaxed about things like that. There is an official nude beach on the other side of town which we will check out one day but you can bet we will not be posting pictures.

These next photos were taken with my cell phone camera, proof of which is my finger in the frame here. Mariette and Bianca on the golf course near our house.

Another shot of the course, same finger in frame. Halmstadians like to boast that this is the golf capital of Sweden but according the a guy I talked to at the large golf academy that opened here a couple weeks ago, there are great courses from here and on down south. This new academy is huge and has heated greens so you can play during winter. It also had a couple acre sized putting green he called “The Himalayas,” which gives you an idea of the undulations running all through it. I will get some shots next time I am out in the area. It is a pretty impressive place.

Mariette and friend silhouetted against the glassy evening sea. The air was completely still.

God nott (Good night).

2 thoughts on “Day 14 — Photos from Around the Neighborhood

  1. How lovely it is all of it, that you are here, your sweet house, the wonderful nature to live in and the new little friend puppy. Promising with a guest cottage 😉

    I’ll keep in touch!

    Love to you both

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