Day 15 — Further into the System

We went back to the government agency to get our ID cards but found we had to first fill in some other forms, go the the bank and pay for the cards, bring the receipt back, fill in more forms so we get into the health system and that was that. We will be fully into the system in a few weeks. It was noticeable how helpful the people were. So much for that.

Found a graffiti park nearby and took these photos. Doesn’t every city have a graffiti park? I don’t notice graffiti anywhere else in town, so this place must be it.

 Not every house in Sweden looks like this, but this one sure does!

The brand new golf academy opened up just north of where we live. That is the clubhouse beyond the water hazard.

Compared to the bike lanes in Mountain View, a white stripe painted on the street four feet from the curb, this is ideal. As you can see, it is nearly half as wide as the road itself and separated by a grass strip. These are all over Sweden, some run for a hundred miles. People travel a lot by bike and these bike lanes, introduced to the U.S. would be a boon to the national health index as well as reducing reliance on automobiles. But back to the golf academy. Here is what they offer in terms of practice and training.

The massive practice putting green they call The Himalayas.

A look from the driving range. Okay, onto every Swede’s dream vacation.

CAMPING! This campsite is jammed with trailers and families and Swedes are very creative at doubling the size of their trailers with fold-up rooms that  attach to the trailer.

I saw a survey recently that said 83% of Swedes’ ideal vacation is not to travel to some exotic foreign destination but to go camping on the west coast of the country. Here might be one reason why:

The beach at Tylösand.

People flock to the smooth flat rocks during “golden hour,” which lasts from about 8:00 to 10:00 (and probably has a collorary that in January it lasts about a minute), to watch the sunset.

Bicycles everywhere.

There was a concert at the hotel’s outdoor amphitheater and the were probably twice the number outside listening for free as inside the venue.

This place is packed during summer but it is going to get much, much more crazy a week into August, more of which at that time.

All for now.



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