Day 19 — Contrasting Weather

We have been traveling to Sweden for the past eight summers and I cannot recall a day like today. While the U.S. is sweltering, Mariette upgraded her assessment of today’s weather from October to November.

Tonight we went walking after dinner and experienced the horizontal rain that our friend Ackie has mentioned from time to time. If I were on vacation with a week left, I would be miffed, especially since it is supposed to rain again tomorrow. Now that I am a resident I can either like it or lump it and I have decided to like it.

Having great rain gear helps, for sure. Below is one of the monster slugs that come out when it rains. This guy is about 5 inches long.

This is a church that was built somewhere in the middle of the country that a guy disassembled and moved to Halmstad and reassembled it shingle by shingle. It is quite beautiful inside but was locked this evening when I came by. I will get some pictures of the interior one day. A weather vane on top says 1721, so I am guessing that is when it was built. Another vane says 1950, so that may be when it was moved here.

This is the bell tower that was either on or near the church. (Probably near, I am guessing.) I climbed up to take the next shots of the view. The wind was whipping pretty good up there but once you get away from the coast the forest blocks the wind almost totally, so it is quite pleasant walking around.

And now, I am going to see if I can catch the Giants-Brewers game on the radio. The amazing internet.


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