Day 24 — Halmstad’s Harbor

The river Nissan splits Halmstad in two with the east side being the industrial section of town and considered not as nice as the western part of the city. In truth they are both beautiful. Any grungy parts are on the east side, however. A few shots of the industrial section and the harbor in the river.


The east beach has many, many campsites with summer houses like these, thousands of them, it appears plus spaces for thousands more camping trailers.

A junkyard of scrap metal, just to show that it isn’t all beaches, forests and pretty houses in Halmstad.

Enough of that. Here is the marina along the east side of the river. Swedes do love their boats. I read once that in Stockholm there is some outrageous percentage of something like one boat for every four or five residents of the city. When you take a boat tour around the islands, you can believe it. Here along the river in Halmstad, there are simply a ton of boats.

These next shots are an exception, though yachts like this do pull in occasionally. This is a sneak preview to what is coming up this week, more of which later.

Ultra modern in every respect.

How much money do you think the owner of this yacht has to name his boat “Vibrant Curiosity”?

Tomorrow, Halmstad’s high rent district.



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