Day 25 — Boardwalk and Park Place

At the very west end of Halmstad lies the beach at Tylosand. Wide, long and water that truly puts California to shame. The water slopes out very gently so you have to go out 100 meters or more to get up to your chest. With the sun beating down many hours a day in summer the water gets WARM. Like 70 degrees warm. In Sweden. At any rate, Tylosand is considered the most desirable location to live and these are some of the fanciest houses I have seen here.

This one may have been designed to enable the owners to survive WW III in style and comfort.

This one probably cost the equivalent of $2 million. Imagine what it would cost in Carmel or the Monterey Peninsula, to cite locations of comparable desirability.

Very few are really opulent.

Maybe these are opulent for Scandinavia.


2 thoughts on “Day 25 — Boardwalk and Park Place

  1. 70 degrees, eh? I just checked 3 different stations in the Gulf of Mexico and 2 read over 90 degrees. It’s an indicator of a record number of hurricanes. Thank you Fukishima.

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