Day 26 — Another Church, Another Shipwreck Averted

Out biking his morning I came upon the church where Mariette was christened as a baby. Church attendance in Sweden is probably lower than anywhere and I read a survey recently that said about 50% of Swedes consider themselves atheists. The church, however, still plays a role in Swedish life. During summer (and maybe throughout the year for all I know), churches hold concerts and cultural events. At this little church a few years ago we saw an announcement that there was going to be a concert of gospel music. We, of course, imagined a visiting Baptist choir ready to shake the plaster off the ceiling. We were more than a little amused to see a bunch of senior citizen lily white Swedes doing their version of gospel music.

Anyway, it is a very pretty church inside and out.


Sailing must have been really hairy back in the day.

This is a fairly typical grave. There were two or three caretakers when I arrived this morning, tending to the graves and raking the gravel in the best Zen rock garden tradition.

There are many, many churches like this throughout Sweden and their cemetaries are typically as well maintained as this one. Frankly, Swedish cemetaries put the ones in the U.S. to shame. Maybe it is the Swedish love of gardening  because we have often seen prople who are obviously family members coming to tend to the gravesite of a loved one.

Back to the land of the living, here are Mariette and friend on our evening walk after dinner tonight. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, not a breath of wind, puffy clouds in the distance and water like glass. Today was the kind of a day that Swedes live for. Immigrants, too for that matter. Tomorrow, Mariette’s son and his fiance arrive, just in time for a change in the weather. Should have gotten here three days ago, guys.


7 thoughts on “Day 26 — Another Church, Another Shipwreck Averted

    • Sinar,

      No. Same address. But my email on my Mac stopped working so I was using Yahoo mail. I got a new Mac today though and will set it up soon. Also got our final TV, wireless and phone installed today. ESPN again! Yay! Were you having trouble contacting me?


      • Sent you a link recently for your Giants “Fix” and didn’t get a reply which is so untypical, and why I asked.

  1. Swedes seem to be a bit too enchanted with the dead. I much prefer the “back to the living” shot, any day! Gimme a dog and and pretty woman over neatly manicured gravesites.


    • Well, I think it is more memories of loved ones they wish they could still talk to. And, if you like pretty girls, see today’s post as soon as I get it done. Beach weather was here in spades today.

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