Days 27 and 28 — Beach Weather

Mostly photos today. Mariette’s son John and his fiance Noha (the cutest thing to come out of Egypt since Cleopatra) arrived on Tuesday, fortunately to perfect weather which continued into today.

Feeling a little jet-lagged upon arrival, which it to be expected after about 24 hours of  travel.

But today, everyone has a bounce in their step and, thanks to Noha, I discovered what has been missing from this blog–sex appeal.

As they say in America, “Lezgoabeach.”


The weather was so nice, my head distorted (captured by John’s camera that shoots underwater).

Swedish heaven.

Tomorrow, beauties of a different kind.



6 thoughts on “Days 27 and 28 — Beach Weather

    • It is not a certainty by any stretch of science. Anecdotally speaking, Mariette’s mom virtually lives in the sun during summer and is unbelievably healthy. Bikes like crazy, runs and is far more limber than I can ever hope to be. And she is 80.

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