Days 29 and 30 — Lots Doing

A. lot has been happening the past two days.

For starters, John and Noha got married last night. The eloped, actually. Here is some proof, even if I have them out of order.



Mariette took some real nice shots of which these are only a small sample. Take my word for it.

The other thing that happened yesterday is we got our official ID cards. Here’s mine:

Then, today, we went to the police station so John could pick up his passport. This had to be the happiest police station I have ever been in, not that there have been many. Passports are issued at police stations in Sweden, so the main activity when we went there today was families getting passports, taking their photos, etc. Sorry the photos did not come out though.






















The amusement part has a ride that seems to be the modern equivalent of keel hauling for any mutinous revelers.






Possibly surpassing everything, however, was Mariette’s father Olle receiving some merchandise from his absolute favorite TV show, “Cops.” Now he can watch the bad guys get their just desserts while wearing his official Cops cap while drinking coffee from his official Cops mug. Life in Sweden is good.


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