Day 31 — More Ships and Stuff

According to a newspaper there were 300,000 people who attended the festival at the harbor last night despite the drizzle. Halmstad’s population is somewhere around 90,000 so you could hear a lot of German, Danish and Stockholm accents being spoken. Stockholm Swedish is the country standard and what people speak on TV. Mariette says she can tell where a person is from by hearing them talk. Even cities 30 miles apart have a distinct dialect. Halmstad folks have a different dialect from people in Falkenberg just 30 minutes away.

I took Mariette’s dad down early before the crowds hit for some more sightseeing.

Anchor winch with crew laundry hanging in the background.

Just bumping around afterwards, I came upon a military band playing march music in a park.

Later, when returning from the store I ran into the final round of the European Amateur Golf Championship also going on this weekend in Halmstad. Here, a threesome are getting ready to putt.

Back to the harbor last night, there seemed to be even more people, many of them to see some Swedish pop music from a performer who goes by the name of September. I guess October was taken. Anyway, I judge pop music against what I was raised on in San Francisco in the 60s, so you can imagine my critique of this concert.

The audience, of all ages, loved it. Even the drunks behind me were singing along, so she must be popular. Then again, this is a happy, happy time of year in Happy Halmstad.


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