Days 34, 35, 36 — If You Like the Weather

just wait a bit. The weather on the west coast of Sweden tends to be about as stable as the stock market. Wednesday was extremely windy (10 meters/sec) but mostly sunny when we woke up and stayed windy all day until about 6:00 when a torrential downpour started. Thursday was completely still and overcast all day. Today has been a  mixture of clouds and sun. Every day is a weather show. We are directly across from Denmark, which is very flat so there is nothing to block the weather, though Denmark gets a lot more rain. It can be raining in Copenhagen while it is sunny in Malmö just across the bridge.

I have been locked in computer set up hell trying to get my email account set up on a new Mac mini. Still not totally resolved but making progress. The support people here are very patient and very helpful.



One thought on “Days 34, 35, 36 — If You Like the Weather

  1. Dan,

    Exactly how windy is 10 meters/second? If my brain were functioning, I suppose I could reduce it to kilometers per hour and then convert to miles per hour!


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