Days 37 and 38 — Mysterious Sign

Something almost supernatural happened tonight at dinner. (After dinner things returned to their usual impossible-to-figure-out technical state, but that is between me and Apple support.)

Yesterday, our landlord (great fellow) helped us clean out the garage so we could set it up as a studio so I can paint. We loaded a bunch of stuff and drove to his house so he could grab a key to where we were headed to unload the stuff. While there his wife offered me, in addition to lunch, a jar of her newly prepared wine berry sylt. Sylt is sort of like jam, but thinner and you use it as a dressing for some meats at dinner or mixed with yogurt. It is great tasting stuff.

Tonight, Mariette made Swedish pancakes for dessert topped with  whipped cream and some of this wine berry sylt. When I opened the jar, I put the lid on the table and this–I kid you not–is what I saw staring back at me:

I tell you, Sweden is a  happy place in summertime. This proves it.


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