Day 41 — Prins Bertils Stig (Part 2)

Today, I biked along the second half (roughly) of Prins Bertils Stig. Stig means trail or path in Swedish. Many parts of this end of the trail I had not been on before and it is incredibly beautiful. Let me offer proof.

Every so often along the trail are these maps of Halmstad with dots along the trail to show points of interest. Yesterday, I showed everything from the first dot on the right to about the dots over the letter”n” in “Prins” on the map. Today, I’m covering everything to the left of that. The trail turns north at the beach at Tylösand and then works its way inland to a nature preserve.

Posts topped with blue mark the trail.

This is about a 5 minute walk from our house and is one of the best views along the whole trail.

Not far beyond that last location is the handicap bathing spot where we go swimming. It is pretty deserted now that people have gone back to work. But the water is still surprisingly warm.

Bootleggers used to smuggle alcohol into the area at this beach.

A very steep part off the trail. Heather is in bloom.

A view of Tylö, an island nature preserve about half a mile off the beach at Tylösand.

Lifeguard tower and the beach. The building to the right is a hotel. The sand is not super soft like you find in LA, but the water is warmer and goes out very, very gradually. You need to talk out at least 100 meters to get up to your chest.

There is a big lifeguard training program that goes on here in summer. Lifeguards come from all over for the training and the nightlife, which really hops in June and July.

The trail runs right behind an amphitheater stage, which is used as a dining area during the day and summer concerts in the evening.

They pack the place for concerts but more people sit outside on the dunes and listen for free.

The dunes are fragile and these boardwalks protect them.

I took the opportunity to tank up on the Vitamin D.

You wonder what caused this tree to choose such a tortuous path in life.

The trail turns inland along this stream that enters the sea at the north end of the beach.

The trail cuts through one of the several golf courses in the area. Because of the rain (this area gets around 40 or more inches of rainfall a year) the courses are impossibly green with no sprinkler systems in sight.

They are as beautiful as any of the courses at Lake Tahoe.

I took a wrong turn and ended up off the trail. This house made my mistake worthwhile, however.

Some folks are still camping, though about 1/10th of the number last month. This was shot from the trail.

Hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for a runner.

There’s the blue trail marker to the left. The sign on the right says something to the effect of the gate is closed to keep the cows in. I had to lift my bike over this and another fence to keep going. Pretty lame.

These guys were like, “Hey, dummy, sucks for you. Stop at Tylösand next time.”

The end of the trail, 10 miles that pretty much as it all from beaches to forests, to streams, to rocks, to golf courses and beautiful clouds everywhere.

Oh, and blackberries. This year has been a bumper crop. We have been eating them with cream for dessert every night recently. Love those antioxidants.

A guy named Riccardo sells his Italian glass at his shop at the end of the trail. Glass is Swedish for ice cream and Swedes love their glass. A few years ago during a particularly warm summer (it would be grossly overstating things to call it “hot” compared to what the U.S. has been through this summer), there was an ice cream shortage and it made the front pages of the national newspapers.

Icelandic pony next door to the ice cream parlor.

Tomorrow I should have something completely different.



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