Days 43, 44, 45 — Indian Summer?

The last couple days have been absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm with temps in the 70s (23 C. today). I hope this is not the Swedish version of Indian Summer. Mariette says it usually comes in September, but if this is it, so be it. We are enjoying it.

Mariette plans to work with kids and has been applying at various agencies and preschools to work as a substitute teacher. We went to a beautiful area this morning so she could show me the preschool she is going to work at in a week or so as a trial to see how she likes it and how the kids and staff like her. It is about 3 1/2  miles from our place and only 15 minutes by bus, so it very convenient.

Here are a couple photos of the school and the area. As per usual, very beautiful in all respects.

Mariette is training our dog to pull her share of the weight as a circus dog if it comes to that. Here are some shots from her rigorous training session this afternoon. You would never know that she got really sick a couple days ago from eating something in the forest and was throwing up all over the place including the couch and our beds. Lesson learned on my part. She’s not ready to be off the leash just yet.



Love those bat ears.

You look up the word “dog” in the dictionary and this is what you see. She is a real joy with a very sweet personality and an infinite capacity for affection and meatballs.

Our stuff arrived on the freighter today and we are looking forward to Wednesday and we can pick up the rest of our stuff, mainly mine.



One thought on “Days 43, 44, 45 — Indian Summer?

  1. Dan, Mariette and lovely circus dog with bat ears – warm welcome to Scandinavia! It occured to me this welcome is way overdue. I am delighted to have you in my old playing ground, though born in Finland I have of course visited Sweden number of times and lived in beautiful Stockholm in the early 90’s for few months. I’ll be following your blog with great interest and wish you a big bundle of success across the dynamics!
    Love, Kirsi

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