Day 46 — Life Without a Car

When we moved here we decided not to ship our car or buy one here to begin with. So, we are living with bicycles and public transportation, which is basically excellent. I have come to the realization that a lot more happens when you ride a bike than when you ride in a car. Today, I dropped some blackberries off at Mariette’s parents’ (this year is a bumper year for blackberries, they are seemingly all over the place and our freezer is already packed with berries to enjoy this winter), then went to the train station in town to buy a ticket for a trip Wednesday to Gothenberg to pick up our belongings which arrived yesterday by ship. On the way into town, I saw an old guy running along the bike path, more of which later.

After buying my ticket (about the same price as a train ticket in the Bay Area on Caltrain), I biked out to the shopping center by the airport to buy a bunch of beverages for our housewarming party this weekend as well as tons of paper towels and toilet paper. I piled everything into the little trailer behind my bike, strapped it down and pedaled back home. On the way, I ran into Mariette’s father who was coming back from taking some stuff to the garbage dump (not like your mental image of a garbage dump — this one is super organized and virtually spotless–unbelievable, actually;  it’s a GARBAGE DUMP–someone needs to teach Swedes what disorder is). Twenty minutes later, just as I was about to turn onto our road who do I see but the old guy I saw jogging two hours earlier. He had run from town the 8 km to the beach evidently and now was heading back. This guy must be in his 70s. Amazing.

You definitely see more on a bike than you do in a car. You probably see more walking than you do on a bike, too. (I might wonder if you see the most simply standing still but that is getting a little philosophical for this blog.)

So it is not all blather today, here are a few photos of our after dinner walk around the neighborhood this evening. The light is wonderful when the sun is lower and, as a friend who used to live in Alaska pointed out, in winter it is golden hour all day long since the sun is so low most of the day. Should be interesting.

The final meatball of the day for Bianca.


3 thoughts on “Day 46 — Life Without a Car

  1. Colwell and I have noted that exact thing, about seeing more riding a bike than one does driving a car in the very same neighborhood. Maybe you’re right, maybe one can see so much more just standing still……..

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