Day 47 — A Day to Remember

My first jellyfish sting! Swimming in the ocean this morning, I suddenly felt a burning on my arm and across my chest. Ten hours later I can still feel it. Not as bad as some I have heard about but definitely interesting. Swedes call it getting burned rather getting stung, which is a more apt description from personal experience.

And the day started so beautifully. I was about 10 minutes late for what were some spectacular colors but here are some pretty nice shots of what we were treated to on this our third day of Indian Summer. (It is supposed to cloud over tomorrow and then start to rain on Friday and Saturday, just in time for the housewarming party we are throwing for Mariette’s aunts, uncles and cousins. Lucky we got a tent. Being Swedes, no one is going to mind the weather.)

For everyone suffering the heat, hurricane threats and now earthquakes, don’t worry, we’ll get ours soon enough I’m sure. But these last few days have been great.



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