Days 48 and 49 — Set up at last

Yesterday, we were finally able to pick up the stuff we shipped from the U.S. I dropped it off at the freight company in San Leandro on June 10 and it didn’t leave the port until a month later. It finally arrived on Sunday in Gothenberg and was released through customs yesterday. The customs form was daunting so I called the customs office in Stockholm and they directed me what to do, warning me that there might be long lines at the customs office in Gothenberg. A new friend picked me up in his van at the train station and we drove to the customs office. There was one person ahead of us and when she finished a very nice lady did the forms for me and we were out of there in 15 minutes. Quite a relief. She said she worked at the airport 2 days a week and knew the easy way to handle what I needed handled.

We next drove to the warehouse and after sending the shipping agent a fax of our payment for handling the warehouse released our stuff. Compared to most people moving overseas, our crate was dinky.

But it contained everything I needed to set up a studio in our garage. Finally, a place to paint.

Just need a couple more lights and some heaters for when my paints freeze in a couple months.

For some reason I find myself inspired to do Grim Reaper paintings all of a sudden.

The big deal for Mariette was getting a really, really nice electric piano this evening at a really good price. We will get her a stool and we will consider ourselves set up at last.

After taking 10 minutes to enjoy the amount of progress we made in the last 24 hours, we are now going into panic mode for the housewarming party we are throwing Saturday for all Mariette’s aunts, uncles, cousins and their families as well as some neighbors. Hopefully, it won’t rain, but if it does we have tents set up already. They have a saying here, which I just made up, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad  tents.”

2 thoughts on “Days 48 and 49 — Set up at last

  1. You are settling in man! Love the studio, and love M’s piano. Always wanted to and still do learn how to play. See a photo I just posed on my FB Wall you will appreciate it, I know.

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