Day 52 — Weather, Weather Everywhere

The East Coast is not the only place getting serious downpours. Here, however, it only lasts for a while and then clears up, clouds over, rains, clears up, rinse and repeat. You definitely need to consider what is going on in the immediate present around here to plan your next hour’s activities.

After watching Usain Bolt disqualify himself in the 100 meters at the world championships in Korea (track and field is a big deal in Europe), the sun was out so I took down the tents from yesterday’s housewarming party and then Mariette had the idea to go down to the sea which was clear (for the moment) but stormy and have some fika (that is the mid afternoon coffee break with a cookie). I took the opportunity to go for a swim so off we went. Marietta documented it with her camera. This place seems to be beautiful no matter the weather conditions.

You-know-who came along as well. On September 15 dogs will once again have the run of the beaches.

The conventional way of changing at the beach is to wrap your towel around you and slip off your clothes and slip on your swim trunks. Some people are amazingly adept at it. I still struggle.

Navigating my way through the seaweed which was whipped ashore by the storm.

The water remains very pleasant, much more so than I ever remember in Northern California or Lake Tahoe. My snorkel mask didn’t work, however, and the mask kept filling with water.

Before we knew it the clouds were rolling in again.

Two minutes after we got home . . .

And so it goes.

On another topic, we learned that  some 300 children get cancer in Sweden each year. Fifty years ago, nearly all died. Today, 75% survive. Aside from all their treatment being covered by the state, their parents are able to be home with them for the greatest percentage of the time while retaining their jobs and salaries. That is unbelievable to me and softens the blow each time I pay the 25% sales tax. Many items are generally more expensive here (particularly almonds–oh, for a Trader Joe’s in Halmstad) but the quality of life seems awfully high. Apparently, Sweden is the third most solvent country in the world.

Back to reality: tomorrow I head off to school.



2 thoughts on “Day 52 — Weather, Weather Everywhere

    • Hi, McGins (and Corbel),Great. We miss everybody and it is a way to sort of stay in touch.We are approaching each new day with interest, too!Love to you both.

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