Day 54 — Apologies to Volvo

Some good news about that horrific auto accident I posted pictures of yesterday: the driver survived and, though in critical condition, is alive. Apparently it was a young man who just got his drivers license and must have been acting on an impulse to cut it loose and see what his car would do. Big mistake. I was talking to the guy in the bike shop who was repairing the puncture in my puncture-proof tire this afternoon and he said it was all over the papers. The people at the preschool where Mariette was working were talking about it, too.

Well, he survived, and I survived my second day of Swedish classes. Despite a lot of rain and high winds today, all is well. 


2 thoughts on “Day 54 — Apologies to Volvo

  1. Thanks Dan for writing this blog. Its’ a high point of my day and I always look forward to tomorrow’s entry. Just do me a favor and don’t switch to Svensk mid-steam

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