Day 58 — Random Stuff

I have noticed major differences between Sweden and the U.S. The light switches turn on when you push them down and off when you flip them up. Zippers zip from the left instead of the right. I bought a chocolate covered banana during the Tall Ships festival last month and not only was it not frozen, but it was an overripe banana. I saw a tray of chocolate bananas and was completely disappointed. I have to say that is my most disappointing experience of the last two months.

One of the reasons Mariette moved from Halmstad she says is because after summer the place was completely Deadsville. Sleepy City. Borrrringtown. No more. There is a college here, called a högskola, or “high school” and downtown was packed with students.

I walked around this afternoon and even though most everything was closed (stores are only open for a few hours on Saturdays and most are closed on Sundays, kind of like it was in the U.S, in the 50s and 60s) there were still quite a few people around enjoying another early fall afternoon.

The main library in town.

Condos along the river built in recent years. Most people own their apartments in Sweden. Relatively few are rentals.

The archeological dig has uncovered what appears to be a petrified cow flop from 1300.

Park statue.

Well tended flowerbeds.

Very cool playground.

Through the north gate of the old fortifications back when Denmark and Sweden were battling for control of Halmstad.

Inside the fortifications. The berms are still intact in several parts of the city center.

Made entirely of glass and very pretty when lit up at night.

The Red Windmill, the one and only movie theater in town. Midnight in Paris is opening this week.

Cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are about the only places open on a Saturday afternoons after 4:00.

The leaves are turning. This doesn’t happen in the Bay Area until December of January sometimes. Never seen it before Labor Day.

And on that note, pleasant dreams.


2 thoughts on “Day 58 — Random Stuff

  1. Beautiful photos Dan! You two are living the life! By the way, go see Midnight in Paris if you haven’t seen it already. Best movie I have seen this year. Love Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams and of course the City of Lights! Beautiful.

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