Day 59 — Preserving the Past

Swedes seem to have an interest in preserving their past. Maybe no more than Americans, but there is an interesting open air museum in town that I visited today to take some pictures.

In the morning we took the dog to the dog beach and she had her first encounter with the sea and loved it. Then I biked up the river to the museum.

Found a place that rents kayaks, which I am going to get into soon.

A shot of the field where the local soccer team plays. Sweden doesn’t have big time professional leagues like other European countries. The teams here are semi-pros and the best players go abroad to pursue their careers.

Windmill dating from 1840 or so.

Looking up at the central mechanism. The thing is made almost entirely of wood. Very few metal pieces anywhere. An amazing piece of engineering.

A wider view of the museum. Today was Forest Day where Swedes celebrate their forests. Kids were everywhere learning about their forests.

A 19th century schoolhouse. I think it is used as the administrative office for the museum nowadays.

A  common Swedish farmhouse from the 1830s. The center section could be closed off and that is where the fireplace was to keep the family somewhat warm.

Inside a washing house.

A detail of the earlier roof. Note the birchbark strips under the sod.

A cottage from 1850.

How many of your roofs have sunflowers growing out of them?

Some interior shots.

In 1925 they added a kitchen.

Ice box and all.

An old water powered saw mill. If you believe the sign at the left, it would still saw timber if there was a stream running through the wheelhouse to the right.

Here is the inside with a piece of timber as it was cut back in the day. Again, most everything is made of wood.

Must have been a very different pace of life 150 years ago.

A little hut for drying flax and hemp. Back then, hemp was used for many purposes, including rope. It is an interesting plant but has been outlawed in many places because of its connection with marijuana. As a crop it could replace oil as a fuel (guess who led the drive in the 1930s in the US to ban it?), replace trees for paper, the seeds are tremendously nutritious, it replenishes the soil, can be dry farmed, and the the list of benefits go on and on.

All kinds of educational displays and  things for kids to make were set up. Mariette got a listing of the community activities going on and it seems almost endless.

On a hill above the museum is this tower which gives a great view of Halmstad. Unfortunately, the tower is closed for the season. There are a couple of apartments inside where people live.

Got a crummy view of the city anyway.

Different groups had their little stands set up. I gather that these were representing the Wild Turkey Killers Association.

Or maybe the Stuffed Ringtails Club.

Dead or alive, Swedes love and respect their forests.


3 thoughts on “Day 59 — Preserving the Past

  1. Grat Pics Dan, What kind of camera are you using BTW? Horrible day for the PAC 12, even Oregon St lost to SAC St. I think your Giants are done.

    • Thanks, Mike. Using my HTC Wildfire smart phone camera. Surprisingly good quality so long as I hold it still. Yep, we can blame 2011 on injuries for the Giants. They had almost none in 2010. But the offense has really let the pitching down. Glad we moved when we did.

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