Days 60 and 61 — Surf’s Up

The weather has been wild the past couple days. Been rainy, stormy, sun comes out, and this evening the surf was up and the local surfers were taking advantage of it. Surfing in Sweden. Who knew? In our little area there were about 20 people out there catching waves. I have cropped a couple so you can actually see something. Otherwise, I am afraid it is just black dots in the water. Trust me, there were actually people surfing. The water is a decent 17 degrees Celsius, which translates to about 63 F. My benchmarks are: 10 C. = 50 F. and 28 C. = 82 F.

The light really changed when the sun peeked out.

Another guy joining the party.

On more mundane fronts, my Swedish class for immigrants also has a computer class online and today we got grooved into it. The teacher walked us through the general format and the beginning lessons. Anyone who is interested can check it out at and click on the green letter C to the right. They have a computer room for students who may not have access to computers  and we will be using it twice a week in class and then also at home.

There is a serious effort in Sweden to ensure that immigrants learn the language to help them assimilate into the culture. Not to mention the $2,000 incentive to pass the course. I guess there are advantages to a country not having been in a war in over 200 years. Also, yesterday I had an interview with a woman at another adult education center who wants me to conduct English classes for people who want to improve their English. Now going through my own brain cramps with Swedish, I will definitely be sympathetic.

On a less mundane subject, I got lights installed in my studio so I am set up for business! When the temperature drops any week now, I will need a space heater or two but for now everything is rolling.


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