Day 63 — Fish

Today, we pay homage to the little neighborhood fish market. It is run by two people who we think are retired but keep active with their little stand during the summer months. The husband goes out each morning and brings in his catch. He prepares his offerings and his wife makes the sauces and runs the stand.

Among the catch today were crab, crayfish and, our favorite, salmon. Mariette got a big hunk of salmon for $7 and we dined like kings tonight and had frozen raspberries picked in July for dessert. Damn fine meal.

With that, here are a few shots of our humble little fish market. How lucky are we to live 500 meters from such a place.

Bianca looked around for an old fish head or something but in typical Swedish fashion, they keep the place pretty clean. That is seaweed in the foreground here, not fish guts.

I was talking to my Nepalese classmate this afternoon. Nearly everyone in the class speaks more English than Swedish. English seems to be the lingua franca of planet Earth in the 21st Century. He told me his dream is to go to America in 2 or 3 years, specifically to the Bay Area, and work for Cisco Systems, which is only a few miles from where we lived. Hopefully, I will have a chance to groove him in about what to expect and help him achieve his dream.





2 thoughts on “Day 63 — Fish

  1. Hejsan Dan,

    Thanks for all the wonderful shots of Sweden and all the insights full observations
    of the Swedish ways. Absolutely love all the details and all the broad images you
    so accurately have pictured in text and photos.


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