Day 64 — Signs of Fall

Mariette went out today and took some shots showing that fall is indeed here.

Good mushroom.

Bad mushroom. Very poisonous according to Mariette.

No earthquakes, no tornadoes, no sharks, no wars, there has to be something in Sweden to terrify the populace. And here it is–red mushrooms.

The other sure sign of fall is that it is Mariette’s father’s birthday. He completed his 80th trip around the sun on Thursday and we celebrated it today. We had just had a large gathering at our housewarming a couple weeks ago, so he wanted to share the day with us only. I was okay with that because Mariette’s mother’s cooking is out of this world. He received greetings and wishes from all over the place, including some people he worked with 35 or 40 years ago. How they remembered his birthday is remarkable to me.

In his studio showing us some of his new works, based on the wind turbines that are plentiful in Europe.

Pork chops, my favorite!

Later in the afternoon, we had an unbelievably yummy cake whipped up by Ella here on the left. Olle was wearing his new cap from his favorite TV show of all, “Cops.” It takes all kinds to make a world and Olle is one of a kind.


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