Days 65 and 66 — Attention on America

The news here was full of 9/11 stories, albeit from an exterior perspective, less emotional than what was coming out of the U.S.

Today I went to the Swedish equivalent of Home Depot or Lowe’s and what I saw there made me cringe for America. The place was a full quantum leap above what we have in the U.S. Same size, same stuff but the place was brightly lit, immaculate and utterly in order, without seeming obsessively so. The prices seem to be about the same as the U.S. but then you add their 25% sales tax and they are that much higher. Whenever I begin to suffer sticker shock, I remind myself that if I pass out, the ambulance ride and hospital care will be totally free and that brings me back to life.

The weather continues to be all over the map. No two days are remotely alike. For a person like me with a low threshold of boredom, this can be a good thing. You always have to be aware of what is happening. Yesterday was gorgeous. Today started out calm and partly cloudy (see pix below) but tonight it is raining again. Tomorrow, no rain, but high winds, which will make it a breeze to bike to my Swedish class but nearly impossible to bike home again. The wind usually comes from the west and since we live west of town, getting there is a snap. Coming home is a workout, especially if I have stopped at the store for milk, yogurt and all the stuff that Mariette does not like to pick up when she goes shopping. Oh, well, she cooked a great spaghetti meal with wild blackberries  and cream for dessert so I can’t complain.

Swans. Have not seen many this year compared to other summers.

Clouds. See them all the time but never get tired of them. Like the days, no two are the same.

A snazzy bathtub display at the entrance to K-Rauta, the Swedish Home Depot. Mariette wants one. Someday . . .


3 thoughts on “Days 65 and 66 — Attention on America

  1. Nice bathtub! How much is that? Wow 25% sales tax, ouch. Agreed on the 9/11, I got tired of the sentimental crap of it, so watched “127 hours” instead and sports.

    Once again your photo’s are fantastic, capture the moment. You should consider adding photogrophy to your resume.

  2. The V.A.T is 20% for most things except cars, 25%, food 6%. Apprently on January 1st the tax rates changed on a few things. It could be worse like in Norway the V.A.T. is 50% on cars, in Hungary they raised it to 27% for everything.

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