Day 67 — Wind and More Wind

Almost zero rain today but lots and lots of wind. It was blowing 22 meters a second according the guy on the news and there are apparently thousands of homes without power. When you live in a country with as many trees as Sweden, some are bound to hit power lines when they go down. We have a 60 foot birch in the back yard that is bound to fall anytime now. It is really leaning. Well, it will be next year’s firewood.

The surf was up again today and people were taking advantage of it.

A neighbor lost this tree recently. He is back in Stockholm and will have to deal with it next time he comes down.

The local dinosaurs could care less about the wind. They just want their daily ration of human flesh.

More surfers were hitting the drink this afternoon.

It’s not all fun and games here, though. About the hottest issue currently has to do with the foster care system. Several decades ago there were found to be abuses in the state run foster care system. The system got a complete overhaul in 1980 and has been fine since. But there was a program afoot to pay former foster care people 25,000 kronor (about $4,000) who had suffered abuse in the system (being hit, etc.). The right wing party is now in power and says that the reparations program should not go forward to save money, I imagine. The spokeswoman for the party is getting a lot of heat from other parties as there seems to be a  general consensus that the program ought to go forward.

I have had several people tell me that things were much better in Sweden 10 or 20 years ago, but have had others tell me that people who are productive are not penalized like they were in decades past. I once heard the story that one year ABBA made so much money that they owed more than 100% of their income. Don’t see how that is possible but it underscores the fact that many Swedes who made a lot of money moved out of the country to avoid the high progressive income tax brackets. CEOs in Sweden earn about 10 times what their average employees do. In the U.S., that factor is about 400, not 10.

I’ll end off here. I’m starting to blow like the wind outside.


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