Day 68 — “If a tree falls in the forest . . .”

That is a conundrum we don’t have to bother with because a tree did fall in our yard, as mentioned last night and it DID make a sound. Sort of sounded like a heavy door slamming this morning and when I looked out the window–no more birch tree. Here are shots of the corpse.

This one cracked at its base, but I have seen birches that have fallen over and they have a very shallow root system. It is a wonder they stand up at all. I need to find out where to rent a chain saw and log splitter because that represents a lot of firewood.

Mariette wanted to make sure I corrected a figure that I mentioned last night about the foster child abuse reparations. The figure the government wants to pay victims is 250,000 kronor, not 25,000. That is a good 40 grand in US dollars.

Also, the surfers I took shots of and posted yesterday made the front page of the local paper. Others were out there photographing as well. But you saw it first here!



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