Day 69 — Dog Freedom Day in Sweden

September 15 marks the day when dogs can hit the beaches again. From May 1 beaches are reserved for humans only and dogs have to content themselves with the forests, yards and streets. There is only one beach in Halmstad that allows dogs all year round but today, Bianca can go any damn where she pleases. And a beautiful day it was.

Bianca evidently was so thrilled with being allowed back on the beach that she went into heat. For the next three weeks or so we need to watch her carefully when she is outside. We also have to watch her while she is inside because dogs in heat bleed and the last thing we need is spots of blood on our light colored rugs, our white bed covers and you-name-it. We found out that there are things like diapers for dogs you can buy for such occasions but for today, here is a shot of Mariette’s makeshift solution: doggy panties.

Made me want to go outside and look at the light.


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