Day 70 — Remember this day in November

Today was gorgeous. Bright sunny day, almost zero wind, no clouds. The kind of day you did not want to be in a classroom wrestling with Swedish grammar. 80% of the nouns have one set of articles, the other 20% have another and there are no rules to determine which is which. That is as far as I am getting into it here.

Other than that, this was a day to remember. Especially in November with its horizontal rain. Can’t wait. Luckily, it has snowed the past few winters, which is much preferable to rain. People cross country ski on the golf course nearby and sometimes the sea freezes and you can ice skate on it.

Bianca will remain in heat for about 3 weeks so we have to remain on Red Alert. Fortunately, the lab next door has been fixed. Speaking of which, I almost fixed myself when I went swimming this afternoon. The water is definitely cooling down. Mariette has an uncle who swims daily until November and another uncle who made the front page of the newspaper when he joined the other polar bears on January 1st of this year for a skinny dip. The guy is about 75 and in tremendous condition.

To substantiate my hype about the day:

Hard to see but there were several people out fishing this afternoon.

Girl in a mini skirt casting her line.

Boyfriend capturing the Kodak moment.

Another Kodak moment: Bianca’s Italian-made panties. As long as she is in heat she is wearing them indoors.

Some of you may be tiring of this particular view, and as soon as I do, too, I will stop taking shots of it.

Crayfish party on a perfect fall evening. These folks were having a really good time.

Some people bike everywhere. The legal driving limit for blood alcohol levels in Sweden is 0.02, which is about one beer. Maybe that is why bikes are so popular.



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