Days 71, 72 and 73 — Firewood

Days 71 and 72 were filled with the mundane. Mowed the lawn on Saturday, Mariette planted some bulbs. Ho hum. Saw that the Stanford-Arizona game was going to be broadcast live on ESPN America at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Decided no way am I getting up then to watch Stanford of all teams. Then at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning I awoke with cramps in my hamstrings and was up like a shot stretching them out. I went back to bed and then reminded myself, “Hey, that game is on.” So, I got up and watched it until 8 and then went back to bed. I mean, this is how desperate I am for fodder for this blog.

But then, this morning, Day 73, I heard the sound of chain saws or military grade weed whackers somewhere out behind our house. A couple guys were knocking down all the volunteer trees that have been popping up in the neighbor’s yard that he never takes care of and which is turning into a wild forest. I guess he hired a company to do some clean up work. I went out to see what was going on and though the two workmen’s English was about as good as my Swedish we somehow managed to communicate that, yes, that birch tree lying over the fence is from our yard, yes, they would cut it up for me for firewood and I could pay them whatever I wanted and beer would be nice.

Half an hour later we had firewood for next year.

Mr. Birch Tree lying in state.

My offering: a six pack of Heineken and Carlsberg in a Corona carton, plus 100 kronor (all I had on me, $15).

Zip, zip, zip.

Presto! Now I need to find a log splitting machine. The landlord says he will find one.

In other news, the right wing Prime Minister Renfield is taking enormous amounts of heat for trying to kill the initiative to pay victims of the abusive foster care system their 250,000 kronor settlement. He wants to cut the budget. The various parties in the legislature want him to go to hell. By the way, when I say “right wing,” it is a relative term. The right wing here makes Obama look like a Tea Partier. Still, I think this guy Renfield will be back in Transylvania after next year’s election. (Thought I would end today’s post with a little Dracula humor.)



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