Days 75 and 76 — Gray, gray and more gray

Got a good pair of rain boots today and I will be needing them. There was an article in the paper today that more and more people are biking to work, regardless of the weather. They say with the right clothes you can always bike to work and avoid traffic and not be dependent on bus schedules. Plus it is good exercise. So long as the bike paths don’t freeze, I am now set to join the mob of year round cyclists.

We had not seen the sun for a few days and while people here don’t seem to notice, I sure have.

The sky this morning.

The sky a little later this morning.


Then, a tiny patch of blue. My spirits soared. The sun actually came out today. Luckily, I have ordered some Vitamin D from the U.S. It is really expensive here. Really expensive compared to the U.S.

In keeping with the gray morning, here is a grave where someone buried their dog in the forest.

Speaking of dogs, Bianca is in her second week of heat. To take her mind off you-know-what we played ball with her this afternoon.



8 thoughts on “Days 75 and 76 — Gray, gray and more gray

  1. I’m originally from MN. I find cloudless, sunny blue skies to be opressive! My spirits always lift when the cooler breezes blow and the sky begins to cloud over. 😉 BTW, where are Bianca’s panties?!

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