Day 79 — Indian Summer

Mariette read in the paper yesterday that Indian Summer is hitting this week. Today was a great start. Zero wind, warm, blue skies. An ideal day for a picnic, so we did! Mariette, Bianca and me bringing up the rear toting the back pack.

Mariette thought this was a newly dug burial place for someone’s pet. Could be. Every once in awhile you find little burial plots in the forest for a pet. I hope it is a pet, anyway.

We weren’t the only people on the trail by a long shot.

A view of two bays from the spot where Mariette was in the photo above.

Radio tower at the top of the hill we just walked down. It switches back and forth down to where we took the photo.

Time for a picnic. Couldn’t have picked a better spot. Well, actually, we could have but it is a little further on.

Me, mid chewing. Bianca, mid begging.



Bianca, working for her next meatball.

The water is cooler but still quite pleasant. I went swimming later in the afternoon.

Lots of people were out enjoying the view of the sea near the Tylösand Hotel. There were quite a few people dressed up at the hotel and we found out later there was an Amway convention there this afternoon.

Fall colors are here but the wind blows most of the leaves down before people really have a chance to enjoy them.

The ideal indicator–a pennant hanging completely limp.

Let’s hope this weather continues for a while. 

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