Days 77 and 78 — Ancient Rock Carvings



Found these ancient carvings yesterday as we took the dog to the beach:The fraction is a clever way of showing the day and month, in this case the first of August.

Natural graffiti.

Bianca was not impressed and wanted to play with the ball.

Later I went out for a ride and took some shots of the more modern looking houses in the area.

You can tell that Swedes value the daylight. Also, metal roofs are common.

 Most second stories have balconies and places to sit to enjoy the sun.

The following is still my favorite, though.

Had some good Thai food for dinner and on the way home Mariette spied wild apples. Sorry the shot is fuzzy. Our food was pretty spicy. Anyhow, last night she made apple cream with them. Yummy!

Apparently, elves come out and dance in the mist but we didn’t stick around to watch.

Miraculously, the wind has died down the last couple days which makes things even more enjoyable. And there is no rain in the forecast for the coming week. Fingers crossed.





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