Days 82 and 83 — Fog?

Yes! I went out this evening and it was utterly, completely totally still outside. Living in the Bay Area in a densely populated area there was always some sort of noise, even in the dead of night. It was  amazing to step outside and experience complete stillness and silence. Some people get creeped out  by fog. I find it extremely peaceful and it was liberating to stand for a while in that utter stillness. I literally could not hear a thing except my own footsteps. Wonderful.

Got some other good news today: the landlord came by to look at the lawnmower which needs oil. He said that this has been the wettest fall on record here, which was a relief to find out.

A couple of guys have been going through the neighborhood cutting down all the brush and this has opened up the views of the sea. When all the leaves go, and the wind is getting rid of them pretty quickly it will give the area a whole different look.

I’m guessing they must do this every year to keep the vegetation from taking over completely.

All over Sweden there are rune stones erected in the Viking Era for different purposes and on a walk yesterday morning I came upon this modern version of one.

No idea what the writing says.

Right nearby there were three headstones. No idea how old these are but they must be a couple hundred years old at least. Stuff like this–burial mounds, rune stones–is all over the country.

Finally, the recent brouhaha over paying victims of the foster care system 250,000 kronor in compensation was resolved and the money is going to be dispensed. I think this issue came up a couple weeks ago and it is now a done deal. Done. Finito. I am trying to think of some national issue in the U.S. that was ever resolved in two weeks’ time and I cannot think of a one, except maybe bailing out the banks with trillions of taxpayer dollars in 2008. But that was more a robbery than legislative action.



2 thoughts on “Days 82 and 83 — Fog?

  1. You are capturing the times of change in seasons well. Thx. Kepp it up bro. Meanwhile the baseball season in the US has taken a topsy turvy. Terry Francona just got fired for the Red Sox meltdown;

    • Mike, I know. Seems like a totally wrong move by Boston. But someone has to take the heat for it. Watched part of Tampa and Texas live on ESPN America last night.

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