Day 84 — Fog, continued

From talking to a neighbor, Fall is the time when we get some fog around here and it was thick this morning. Really wonderful how it made the sea disappear.

I have taken shots from this spot numerous times on the blog but none like this morning’s.

By 11:00 it burned off and turned into a gorgeous Indian Summer day here. Our Swedish teacher took us to the big library in town.

That’s her on the right showing an Iranian and a Turkish classmate the directory.

In the center of the building this glassed garden and tree reaches to the sky.

Nearly every staircase in Sweden is spiral, whether in a public building, church or house.

The building juts out over the river that bisects the city.

Newspaper and magazine racks.

Really nice cafe.

There is an art gallery that features local artists very month or so, all kinds of stuff from textiles to photographs, to paintings to installations like this one.

Pretty much anything goes. Next month it will be something else.

The teacher had each of us check out a book in Swedish and this is me after selecting one by August Strindberg and realizing that I now actually have to read it.

Here is a shot of the library from the outside.

And a gratuitous shot of the river.

People were out taking advantage of the beautiful day. Things are supposed to unstabilize in a few days so they are getting their licks in while they can.

View from our backyard.

Mariette found these plants while we were walking in the afternoon. You touch these pods and they literally explode to spread their seeds. It feels like a tiny firecracker going off in your fingers.

And just to round out this post, here is a sampling of the sports we get here, starting with cricket. Many of you probably do not know that the Rugby World Championships are going on in New Zealand at the moment and earlier this morning I caught the last part of a stirring match between Samoa and the Springboks of South Africa. RSA won, 13 – 5 if you are interested.

For those not into cricket or rugby, there has been a snooker tournament going on the past couple weeks and it seems to be on most of the time when I am flipping around.

Then, of course, pretty much any time of day or night you can catch soccer. There is one channel that plays classic matches from the past nearly every time I check the channel. In this shot I happened to catch that rarest of soccer events, a goal being scored! Incredible.

Luckily, I am saved by ESPN America, which was running Thursday night’s Pitt/Univ. of South Florida game. Later, I watched the start of the baseball playoffs, Tampa Bay and Texas live from Arlington. October is definitely the best month of the year for sports.


8 thoughts on “Day 84 — Fog, continued

  1. I find fog truly magical. Some of my favorite weather in Sacramento is when the fog is so thick you can barely see 20′ in front of you. The silence and warping of sounds is fascinating.

    Interesting that the Swedish word for “library” is similar to the French word for same: bibliothèque! I’ve noticed meanings of a few other Swedish words you’ve mentioned to also be recognizable if one has some grounding in French. Didn’t think the 2 languages were that much related.

    • Linda, I will trade fog for the wind any day! Very peaceful. I was not aware of the similarity of Swedish and French words. I do know that there are similarities between Swedish and German. Also, English, but not enough to keep my head from spinning when I am in class!

  2. Hey Dan, check this out, the ancient greek deriv for the word: bibliothēkē
    Maybe the ancient greek sailors got to France and Sweden and left some words behind! I know about the head mush when studying another language beyond the age of 10! Just when I thought I was properly conjugating French verbs, a German word, no matter if it was a verb or noun, would pop up!

    Yes, fog is my preference for weather too, over wind, but I do love stormy days with raging winds and snow/sleet/hail or rain! Nothing like it to stir the blood and bring one to PT

    • McGins

      Oh, yeah, I am getting used to a variety of weather. It definitely adds to the adventure of daily life. I see a lot of words in every language I see that seem familiar with words in other languages, including English. There is a lot of intermingling in the development of language.


  3. Nice fucking library! Nice town, nice everything. Guess you heard the Red Sox had a major meltdown, and there is major panic going on in Red Sox nation, they fired Francona. Love it when beantown hits the panic button.

    • Mike, Yeah, sorry to see Francona go. He will get another job, though. Been watching the games here on ESPN America. Also rugby, cricket, snooker and you name it! Dan

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