Days 89 and 90 — Such light!

Took the dog for a walk this morning and the light was absolutely spectacular. But don’t take my word for it.

The temperatures are in the 50s these days and the old west wind is back but in two weeks I am going to look on these days fondly. Next week the weather people are predicting the first night of freezing temperatures. The paper had something yesterday saying that September was several degrees warmer than normal and also quite a bit wetter than normal for the month.

Well, whatever the weather, I was out of it this afternoon as usual in Swedish class. Today instead of wrestling with personal pronouns (they are fairly irrational in Swedish, but it is good to know what one is dealing with) we watched a movie, none other than Stig Larsson’s “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.” In Swedish the title translates to “Men Who Hate Women” but the U.S. publisher didn’t think that would go over too well with an American public. Either way, the film is extremely well done and with subtitles in Swedish some of us could follow the story pretty much. Luckily, I have seen the film before and Mariette explained what was going on, so I was able to enjoy it. I talked to others afterwards and they had troubles following it.

The general approach here to teaching Swedish seems to simply be speak Swedish and expect that people pick it up. Any explanations are done with hand gestures or stick drawings and most of us are in the dark about 75% of the time. It seems to be the only real way to do it because there are so many mother tongues in the classes. The school has 500 students learning Swedish from 70 countries. It’s not like learning French in high school in the U.S. where the teacher explains things in English as well as French. Here is 99% Swedish with some default English explanations since most people have at least a smattering of English even if they are from, say, Kosovo or Iran.

One final comment about the movie, Hollywood is making their own version of the Salander trilogy and I am having a hard time imagining how they will be able to top the Swedish versions. I have seen all three and they are really well done. European actors tend to be more reserved than Hollywood where everything has to be taken over the top (they think).

A quick shot of the screen in class, included just because I had it:

It is kind of hard to tell but those desks will also double as chairs depending on how you set them. How utterly Scandinavian.

Then, the light this afternoon was nearly as impressive, as you can see here:

And things are just as spectacular tonight, but my phones does a pretty lousy job of night shots. So, I will end with a shot of a few days ago of out little devil dog:

This is the basic look she uses to hypnotize us.

All for now.


4 thoughts on “Days 89 and 90 — Such light!

  1. Spectacular clouds, very Maxfield Parrish sky. And the light through the trees Yeow!
    Enjoy it while you got it. We’ve already had our freezing nights with that thick whorish
    frost. The trees are getting into their color and by next weekend should be at peak.
    Love your blog and rear it every day.

    • Peter, It was a nice crisp 1 degree this morning when we woke up and condensation on the inside of the windows. Time to get the fireplace working and to find a wood splitter.

  2. I’ve seen all the Larsson’s movies (Lizbeth subject) , they are the best Swedish movies ever made. I doubt the American version will be as good. But since Daniel Craig is the male subject I will check it out

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