Day 93 — Night shots

Mariette worked this evening near downtown and took some shots tonight. It rained most of the day but cleared up tonight and the clouds racing past the moon are very dramatic. You will have to take my word for it because we don’t have any shots. But, here is the library lit up at night:

And here are a couple shots of a bridge that crosses the river:

This is a shot across the river. The Picasso sculpture is in the center and behind it is a church.

Street shot with cafe upstairs.

The big news of the day was that I went to one of the second hand stores and got a winter parka. It’s coming and there is no sense me pretending it isn’t. For less than 50 bucks I will be warm at 0 F. Probably totally unreal to anyone in Dallas where it looks like it is about 80 at the Rangers/Tigers game that is playing live on ESPN America as I write this.



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