Day 94 — Afternoon walk

After another afternoon wrestling with Swedish–I know I am complaining a lot but I am learning. It is like when the Germans attacked Stalingrad in WWII and they had to fight house by house and room by room to get anywhere. I am pretty sure, though, that it will end better for me than it did for the German army that winter. In fact, one student who started the course in January just passed her final test and can apply for her 12,000 crown bonus now. Nine months isn’t too long it seems to me but it will definitely be nine months of labor.

Anyway, here are some shots of a beautiful afternoon walk along the stormy coast with my little pal. She was very proud of herself for chasing the neighbor’s cat out of our yard and felt justly rewarded with a long walk.

Bianca survived her three weeks of heat without incident so we can let her run loose again, which is more enjoyable for all concerned.

Love those saturated colors in the late afternoon.

My cell phone does not do good moonshots but it was nice in person.

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