Days 95 and 96 — First frost

We got out first frost last night, and with the full moon lighting everything up, it was pretty spectacular. A couple of shots from this morning, the first one pretty fuzzy.

Speaking of frost, the Social Democrats here are pretty ticked off at the leader of the party. U.S. politicians would laugh at what they are after him for: unauthorized use of taxpayer money to pay for an extra apartment and a car for himself. Sexual indiscretions? No problem in Sweden. Misspend one kronor and they want your head. So different from America where every dollar is a corrupt dollar and is business as usual. The Social Democrats were in power for about 60 years straight and set up most of Sweden’s social system. The right wing party is in power now, though right wing in Sweden would be about like Bernie Sanders in the U.S.

The cold weather has not stopped the surfers. In Stockholm, the water is reportedly a tepid 8 degrees C. these days but that doesn’t stop them from hitting the waves when the wind is blowing. It couldn’t be much warmer here but a couple guys were out yesterday morning.

My numb fingers messed with the settings on my phone and I got some solarized shots this morning of the crystal clear morning, zero wind and bright sun.

All for today.

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