Day 97 — Bring it on

The weather was actually gorgeous today. Zero when we woke up but it got up to around 10 (that’s 50 F.) this afternoon. Pretty pleasant, actually. But I know what’s coming so I got some mittens and a watch cap today in town, and I’m ready:

And if it gets really, really cold, we will use Bianca’s laser eyeballs to melt everything in sight.

No one can resist those glowing eyeballs. Or her mountain goat impression.

Downtown was very busy this afternoon. Mariette can’t get over how much the place has changed from when she grew up here and the place was dead once the summer crowds left. Now there is the equivalent of a college here, there are people everywhere.

Sculpture sitting above the entrance to a shop. Created by an old friend of Mariette’s dad. His work is all over town as well as in Stockholm covering the walls of the ground floor of the huge radio tower building there, the tallest structure in Sweden.

Halloween is beginning to become more popular here and Mariette just had to take a shot of these Jack o’ lanterns.

Trees on fire.

Finally, here is something I bet was not televised in the U.S., wheelchair fencing:

I will bet there is a regulation stipulating that a certain amount of handicapped sports be broadcast.


4 thoughts on “Day 97 — Bring it on

    • Mike, Agreed on all points. Especially Cal. Watched the Giants and Bills just now and followed the 49ers win over the Lions. The 49ers! Back from the dead. Good for Harbaugh.

      • How are you getting the NFL, on TV? Jim Harbaugh amazes me, how he can turn dead programs around. I’m going for Texas in the WS, they have suffered enough over the last 50 years.

      • On ESPN America they have the pregame show with Berman, et al and then I found one of the Swedish sports channels broadcast the game and after that broadcast the Saints-Bucs. Wish they would have shown the 49ers-Lions!

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