Day 98 — Next summer’s swimming hole

Out for a walk this morning, we came upon an old granite quarry, of which there were several in the area. This quarry was still working when Mariette was growing up but she never knew of it until this morning. Big stones were all around the area.

 This hut housed a compressor that drove the hydraulics that mined the granite. Other huts were workshops where stones were carved and polished for gravestones and whatnot.

The pond will freeze this winter and make a great ice skating rink. We may wait until next summer to use it, though.

Yesterday there was handicapped fencing on TV. Today, there was bandy otherwise known as Russian hockey or winter football.

It is like field hockey but on ice. There are 11 players to a side, same as soccer and the rink is huge, the size of a soccer field. They use what look like field hockey sticks to try and get a ball into the opposing team’s goal. There is a floor version called indoor bandy played wearing shoes and Mariette has a cousin who plays when she is in Sweden. Most bandy matches are held outdoors and for the spectators a leather satchel containing a thermos of something warm as well as a flask of booze are pretty much necessities if you are going to survive 90 minutes in subzero temperatures watching people ice skate after a ball.

The weather was beautiful again today.

Bianca saw a squirrel and would have waited all day at this tree for it to come down. Fat chance.

Anyway, tomorrow will also be nice and then rain comes again on Tuesday. Our neighbor told me this afternoon that normally winter comes to Halmstad in January but last year it snowed in early November and people were pretty worn down by a five month winter. We will see.




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