Days 99 and 100 — It never ends

The last three days Swedish TV has exposed me to handicapped fencing, field hockey on ice and now this, foosball, the world championships no less. Belgium vs. Germany.

Since this summer I have additionally been treated to airplane races, cricket, snooker, Australian Rules football, the Rugby World Cup (this and Aussie Rules have been my favorites), not to mention track and field, seemingly endless tennis, lots of motorsports (cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes) and the most pervasive of all, soccer, –er, football. Then there are the usual fare we see in the U.S.: football, baseball, basketball, boxing, wrestling, MMA. This is on 4 or 5 channels. We could have gotten the super package with about a dozen channels and no telling what we would have found there.

Yesterday was apparently the day for the leaves to come down because most of them did in a 24 hour period with little wind to help.

The seasons keep progressing. Very different from the Bay Area where it is hardly noticeable.


2 thoughts on “Days 99 and 100 — It never ends

    • Oh, yeah, we will get it. Too bad Buck and McCarver are the absolute worst announcers of all time. I can’t tell if they are supremely lazy or supremely arrogant, but they add nothing to the game. Jon Miller and Joe Morgon were the best. But the guys who did the Cards and Brewers were really good too. Hope it is a good series.

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