Day 101 — Beethoven weather

Just to correct any impression that all I watch on TV is oddball sports, there was a fantastic performance of Beethoven’s 9th symphony on the Swedish cultural channel that I happened to see. Some orchestra from Paris with a wild eyed conductor who did a fabulous job. It was as good as when we saw it live in San Francisco a couple years ago. The end gives me chills, even watching on TV with a dog in my lap, who apparently is into Beethoven.

Obviously, Mariette was distracting her with the camera so Bianca beamed her with her laser eyes.

Arrangement in Black and Grey with Dog.

The weather today was made for Beethoven.

There is just a hint of a rainbow in this shot. Things can change very rapidly here weather wise.

But just so you don’t get the idea that it is all fun and games here in the Worker’s Paradise:

My makeshift ironing board. (That is for you, Steve.)


6 thoughts on “Day 101 — Beethoven weather

  1. Amazing contrast of weather in worker’s paradise. It’s a nice 78F boring sunshiny day as usual here, not interesting for the DSLRs! I appreciate your photos and humor very much!

    • Thanks, Sinar. I got some more great ones this morning thanks to some spectacular clouds. We were talking in class yesterday about how people in other countries don’t pay much attention to the weather. Here, it is on the front page every day.

  2. My Husky, watches TV too sometimes, esp if there is another animal on. I guess I had false data that dogs cannot see images from a TV, maybe they were referring to the old shitty TV’s. Nice pad by the way. World Series game 1 is on.

    • Yes, and thank whatever Norse gods may be that we don’t have to watch Joe Buck and Tim McCarver do the games on ESPN America. We get Rick Sutcliffe and another guy who are very good. Buck and McCarver are either too bored to care about the game or arrogant beyond belief as announcers where they don’t deign to tell the viewers anything. Maybe I am spoiled by the Giants broadcast team which is unbelievably good, but those two guys really stink.

  3. Eh, I think Bianca was just worried that Mariette was going to request something of you that would require you getting up, thus interrupting a dog’s comfort on a nice warm lap and some nice music to go along with it.

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